Orange Fronk

Orange Fronk

Orange Fronk Super Benson Snes
Orange Fronk
Name Orange Fronk
Gender Male
Age 22
Species Fronk
Occupation Being a nice cool Guy
Relatives Blue Fronk's Home
Introduced In Super Benson Snes (1500)
Last Appearance Sam and Max GTA (2011)
Orange fronk

he midevil

Orange Fronk is Blue Fronk's Brother From Super Benson Snes. He also acts like Anna From Tekken.

Comic Books Edit

Blue Fronk was Geting Really for the party but Orange Fronk ran in to his room, Kick in to the Glass,


  • In Tekken 6, Blue Fronk and Orange Fronk had a Fight on the House.
    Blue fronk and orange fronk

    blue fronk is the one who found him first when blue fronk spilled his coffee

  • orange fronk was midevil for a while, but now is used to this time.
  • Orange Fronk's Glasses look better like Fronk's Glasses.
  • Orange Fronk say Oh no my Glasses Just like Regular Show.
  • The Code of his Password is 1 1 1 2 2 3.
  • Orange Fronk, Green Fronk, Maizrpan and Benson, Did not Make it Just in WarioWare.
  • He was zombie on Super Mona Nightmare.
    Blue Fronk and Orange The Big Fight

    Blue Fronk vs Orange Fronk

    Orange fronk's car