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Dirty Darts


In a game by loanathecat-d4l88jl-1-

Mona as a young girl she was 8

Samural mona by loanathecat-d4lpx3o-1-

Mona and her Sanural dress from the MS Paint Adventure tribute book

Mona is very hot and a girl of Green fronk's GirlFriend. She is a better younging girl she have her family but her family maybe dead. She was one her looks to a human.
Mazripan Mona
Name Mazripan Mona
Gender Female
Age 21 but 8 as young
Species Unkown
Occupation Helping, Princess
Relatives Unkown
Introduced In Super Benson Nes 1497
Last Appearance Sam and Max Gta 2011
Voiced by Hynden Walch


  • Mona's Name was become WarioWare's Mona.
  • Mona's Eye and body well known like Homestar Running's Marzipan.
  • Mona was Anita from Darkstalkers night warriors.
273px-Benson character

Mona as Benson.

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Human Mona.


Benson Kissing Mona