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This article about Dave, The Gumball Machine. For informtion about other uses of the word dave, see Dave (disambiguation) .

Dave is an anthropomorphic orange gumball machine. He was Benson 's student and friend in stick hockey tournaments ten years before Stick Hockey. He was killed by Chong, who snapped his head off. Chong also tried to kill Mordecai and Rigby but Benson saved them by beating Chong. He is the second gumball machine on the show.

Chong's snapping Dave's head off is similar to Dry Bones throwing his head up inMario Party 8 and other Mario games. He looks like Benson, but he is orange and not red. He appears in only one episode so far and that is Stick Hockey. Dave is also seen with yellow and red gumballs when Chong snapped Dave's head off, it was seen that two of Dave's gumballs poped out of him; one was yellow and the other one was red. Dave is taller than Benson and has a skinner nose